Giovanni Ruvolo, MD

Professor, Università di Roma Tor vergata

Prof. Giovanni Ruvolo  earned his medical degree in Rome at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in 1977. He is working in Tor Vergata University in Rome where he is performs the following tasks:
•       Chief of the Cardiac Surgery Unit; Director of the Cardiac Surgery Traning School;
•       President  of the Degree Course in “ Cardiocirculatory and Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques”;    Director of Marfan Regional Center


Aortic root reconstruction
Genetics and inflammation in ascending aortic aneurysm
Mitral and Aortic valve repair
On / Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)      
Created an association named “A Cuore Aperto”
Developed a Health Project in Tanzania, Africa named: Un Cuore Per  Ipogolo