Come on in!

The Community Café is an open space for conversation and connection.

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Community Café

This is a Zoom meeting where you can informally connect with other members of our community! Enter through the embedded zoom panel or click “Join from Zoom” to open a meeting in a separate window. When you enter, you will be able to be seen and heard!

Breakout Rooms

Depending on the number of people in the café, we will use Zoom Breakout Rooms for a smaller group conversation. If you’re here to meet up with a specific person or join a specific conversation, you can click “Breakout Rooms” on the bottom menu and click “join” to enter that room.

If your zoom isn’t updated, you may not be able to see the breakout room menu option. In this case, either update your zoom or simply ask the cafe host to assign you to the room for you.

Community Café Hours

Thursday, July 8: 7am ET – 12 Midnight ET
Friday, July 9: 7am ET – 12 Midnight ET
Saturday, July 10: 7am ET – 12 Midnight ET
Sunday, July 11: 7am ET – 4pm ET

Community Café Planned Meet-Ups

Come to the café at these times for breakout rooms with specific discussion topics. Or, stop by any time to see who’s around!

Thursday, July 8

9-10am ET: Language Meet-up (German, French, Italian, Spanish)

10-11am ET: Marfan Meet-up

1-2pm ET: VEDS Meet-up

2-3pm ET: Stickler Meet-up

3-4pm ET: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Meet-up

3:30-4:30pm ET: LGBTQ+ Meet-up

4-5pm ET: LDS Meet-up

8:30-9:30pm ET: Transgender/Nonbinary Meet-up

Friday, July 9

3-4pm ET: Stickler Meet-up

4-5pm ET: Marfan Meet-up

5-6pm ET: LDS Meet-up

5-6pm ET: VEDS Meet-up

Saturday, July 10

9-10am ET: LDS Meet-up

11-12pm ET: Marfan Meet-up

11-12pm ET: VEDS Meet-up

1-2pm ET: Stickler Meet-up

3-4pm ET: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Meet-up

4:30 – 5:30pm ET: Experiencing Loss Webinar Debrief

6pm ET: Post-Mixer Meetups (continue your conversations here, if you’d like!)

Sunday July 11

9-10am ET: Marfan Meet-up

10-11am ET: LDS Meet-up

11-12am ET: Stickler Meet-up

2:30-3:30pm ET: VEDS Meet-up

Community Café Guidelines

  1. This space is for community members to meet and chat with each other in a virtual setting.
  2. Be kind and respectful to others, even if they have differing opinions than your own.
  3. Be patient when listening to others speak and do not interrupt them.
  4. Please be polite and refrain from swearing, taunting, name calling, etc.
  5. Remember our community is diverse. Refrain from making universal declarations condemning decisions that differ from your own. What works for you may not work for someone else.
  6. Do not provide medical advice. If medical questions arise, remember you can get your questions answered at
  7. Please refrain from making derogatory comments about doctors and institutions within our community.
  8. If you need help or run into a conflict during a meeting that you feel warrants additional attention by Foundation staff, contact


This disclaimer informs those attending the Community Café that not all Zoom meeting rooms will be monitored by a staff member of The Marfan Foundation. Views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the meeting rooms belong solely to the individuals expressing such views, thoughts and opinions, and not to The Marfan Foundation, its staff, volunteers or employees, or to any other organization, group or individual.